Does this sound like you?

-Your life is well, just OK. Your life is not anything to write home about. Maybe you lack a rewarding relationship, are in a lackluster career, or your health is less than stellar. You want relief and more importantly you want the adventure of well-being.

-You're a success, but... You have a well-respected career, a lovely home and even a good relationship, but you do not have a sense of satisfaction. Something is missing. You yearn for more, but you don’t know what to do or how to get it.

-You know what you can do to upgrade your consciousness, but what you're doing is not helping much. You reframe your thoughts, practice gratitude, meditate, read and listen to uplifting speakers. You’ve visited with healers, therapists and shamans. You're courageous, willing to look at yourself, and yet, you're stuck. You may be well-developed psychically, sensitive to energy and highly aware of yourself, but you are not peaceful, happy or balanced.

-You are always giving and wonder why you are not getting. You are a caretaker by nature. Maybe you are a parent, therapist or healthcare provider. You are frustrated that the Universe does not seem to be giving you what you deserve.

-You have always felt different, isolated and as if you don't belong here. You may secretly believe that you belong to a different time or dimension. Maybe you have trauma or abuse in your background and are often overly sensitive and unable to handle others' negativity.

-You are driven to awaken. You want to feel the best you can and be a true contribution. You want to wake the divine you.

Fully Human. Fully Divine. Fully Alive.


By accepting yourself "as is", without having to improve yourself, you become informed by your dual natures: human and divine.  The result: more purpose, passion and connection.

Wake to you.  Fully human.  Fully divine.  Fully alive.



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The kind of people I help

Most of the people who I get to work with are involved in self development and spirituality.  They come from all spiritual traditions and all economic levels.  Many have sought insight and spirituality to create a better life.  

Regardless of your symptoms or circumstances the root of all maladies and suffering is a failure to embrace your humanity and your divinity.  I work with people on multiple levels to address what they are facing, but ultimately I help you return to yourself. Thus, I work with all kinds of issues, all seen through this lens.