Physical Healing

You Can Heal Your Body

Embodiment Healing can unlock the root causes of illness and dysfunction. Subconscious beliefs can be revealed and replaced with resourceful ones, feelings are felt and expressed, shifting the consciousness and thus the body into improved wellness.

My neck is better! It went from 45% functionality to about 85%. Sometimes, I find with energy work the effects are strong and fade over time - but this is holding and it has been months!

Lindsey Swope

Owner of Skalitude Retreat Center
Twisp, WA
Feel to Heal

Feel to Heal

As children, many of us were not encouraged to express our dissatisfaction. Sharing our anger, negativity and desire met with little welcome. We were trained to take on a persona to get along, be liked, be accepted.

The complaining child may have learned to keep his/her discomfort to himself/herself to be liked. The child who was “over-emotional” may have learned to remove themselves from their feelings and focus on being a great accomplisher to win their parent’s approval. The child who did not experience unconditional love learned to entertain others to get validation and attention. These children removed themselves from their feelings and in so doing lost contact with a part of themselves.

The repressed feelings of regret, anger and resentment where not fully felt or expressed and so stayed in the body causing blocks to the their life force.

I have had a sore hip problem for 5 years and no one could figure it out. Colby figured out the nerve was frayed and was shooting pain down my whole left backside, I felt much needed relief and I can now better feel my feet!

Bonnie Bergman

Massage Therapist

Return to Your Core Essence

Through an intuitive process you are helped to discover what is keeping you stuck, unhealthy and unhappy.

Through specific physical exercises, you release stuck energy held below the surface.  Some movements when properly employed can release of deep seated, stuck emotions. Rage, negativity, and loss can finally be felt and let go of.  As a result health can be restored.

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Thank you for helping me to get to the deeper issues of my eating problems. I feel a lift in my overall mood and feel better feelings about myself. It does not seem like a hopeless situation any longer.

Lori Damhorst

Seattle, WA