Refind you

The single greatest loss in a person’s life is probably the ending of a relationship by death, divorce or separation. Feelings of sadness, depression, and anxiety about the future are common. In some cases, people can find themselves traumatized and almost unable to move on.

We were together for years. He left for the “younger woman”- a friend of mine. I must have had my head in the sand! I was mad at me, her and him. I was a mess. After a few sessions with Colby, I was able to let go and finally move on. I feel free.

Terry Moss

Bellevue, WA

Move on

Many are ashamed they are not able to “move on." Some have tried to have no contact with their ex, write a pro and con list, journal their feelings and eat lots of ice cream, but they still don’t feel good about themselves or the end of their relationship.

When I look at a client’s field after a breakup, I sometimes see they cannot let go until they grounds back into their own field of energy. Many times in relationships people exchange parts and energy. By going through the process of letting the other go relief can be found.

Sometimes Karma needs to be cleared or completed between the two lovers. In other cases, the client is so scared of the future, they would rather hold onto heart-ache and pain than face the future alone.

By healing unhealthy subconscious beliefs about lack of safety, and what success is, a client can refind themselves, their ground and learn to re-center.

breakup healing

I had a weird crush on someone. I am happily married and could not get the sense out of my head that I should be with this other person. Everything was upside down - my whole world! Now, after seeing Colby I feel good about this person, but not so drawn. I am relieved. My marriage is safe.

Karen Foster

Song Writer
Los Angeles, CA