Sit on this bench and discover Colby Wilk's policies


Familiarize yourself with the policies below before our session. 

Please email to letting me know you agree and commit to the policies. 

I look forward to walking with you on your journey!

Nitty Gritty

  1. Session packages must be paid prior to your session.
  2. Session packages are non-refundable. Please print out your receipt so you have a record of your purchase.
  3. Session packages expire one year after purchase.
  4. You are welcome to reschedule your appointment with 48-hours notice, not including weekends; this gives me time to fill open slots. If you do not give 48-hours notice, you can choose to keep your appointment at the time it was scheduled, or pay the full amount of an appointment.  If you need to cancel or reschedule, please call 206.335.1180 AND send an email to:
  5. Sessions are 50 minutes and always begin on the hour.  Because I try to give each client what they needs, I can occasionally run a few minutes late. Please be patient, I will make every effort to be respectful of our time. If we are meeting over the phone, please call at the time of your session and leave a message.

Here is What You are Agreeing to

To assist you wake to greater wellbeing, you are required to commit to the following Five Agreements.

1. I understand that pity, dissatisfaction, blaming and demanding are not where the solution to greater wellbeing resides.  I move into appreciation.  I stand in my power.

2. I understand that healing follows my intention.  My intention is not a wish, a desire or a plea to higher consciousness.  As the Creator of my experience, my intention is what I am choosing to call into being.  My intention is clear, and specific.  I don't need the manifestation of my intention to be happy.

3.  I get that the root of my intention is my Soul's desire to learn something.  Communing with the larger part of me is my priority.  This process may not always be comfortable. In an attempt to help you confront yourself, Colby may not always occur as gentle and may trigger you.  I am willing to learn what my Soul is requesting and let Colby know when I feel triggered.

4. I understand the journey of becoming myself may require me to shed ideas of who I think I must be to survive, get along with others or to be successful.  I accept the journey to become myself is sometimes not fun, but it is deeply satisfying.

5. I understand Colby does not talk to my guides, the dead, tell my future or help me manipulate events to get what I want.  I understand this work is intended to help me accept all of who I am, human and divine, so that I may become more fully alive.


Be Aware

1.  I will make every effort to communicate with you in a way that is compassionate and respectful.  Sometimes, what I will tell you may not feel good to hear. I am tracking many different fields of energy that sometimes I may not show up how you wish. The experience of being supported may bring up strong positive and negative feelings towards me that may be uncomfortable.  Having strong feelings towards me can offer an enormous opportunity to uncover what is at the root of your suffering.  Bring your feelings towards me into session so you can go deeper and resolve what seemed unresolvable.

2. No intuitive is 100% accurate. Please do not substitute what I tell you with your own knowing. At the same time, please try to be open to the guidance I offer. These statements can help you stay open and receptive when Colby says something that you don't understand or are challenged to consider:

  • "Tell me more.”
  • “Can you clarify? “
  • “Give me a moment.” 

How to Prepare

1. Focus with appreciation that your intention has already been met.  The more clear your intention, the better. The more gratitude you live in the more possible what you want becomes.

2. For your session find a private, quiet location where you can sit upright, if comfortable.  Make sure you have a phone or internet connection that works well.

3. 24-hours prior to your session, prepare your body by limiting your intake of alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. Hydrate your body and consider scheduling a break after each session. 

5. Do not use recreational drugs or alcohol 72 hours before your session.  I am sensitive to their effects and they can dull the impact of the work.


Fee and Payment

Session Rates are available on my site:

You can pay through my site or through Zelle to


If you request to meet via Zoom, I will send you an invite to meet in my Zoom studio.  The email I use for Zoom is: 

My phone number is 206.335.1180

If we are meeting remotely, it is your responsibility to initiate the call or be in my Zoom Studio at the start of your session.

My practice is not set up to address emergency situations.  Please seek support from the Crisis Clinic at 206.461. 3222.

It is best to schedule future sessions when we meet.  If that does not happen, schedule by calling: 206.335.1180. Please do not try to schedule by email or text.  However, if are outside of the United States, please email me at


Everything you tell me is confidential unless you share that you are going to use deadly violence on yourself or another.  If I learn that a person under 18, or an elderly person, is being neglected or abused, I will report the information to the police in an effort to keep you and others safe.

Working with Other Providers

If you would like me to connect with any of your health care providers, please e-mail a request to speak to your provider with their name, address, and phone number. In the email give me permission to talk to them about any and all issues.

What’s Next

Send an email prior to your session letting me know you agree with the policies:  

I look forward to seeing you!

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Colby has helped me to feel spiritually connected and the emotional healing has been huge! I feel like each time we work, I release pounds of baggage and emerge with a renewed perspective on my life. The healing has been deep and I am eternally grateful for his pure and authentic gift. Thank you, Colby!

Yiska Obadia

New York, NY