Healing Sessions

Awaken from Within

With your permission, I partner with you to move your awareness into your body. Your body contains all your history, feelings, lessons, and karma. Many people have learned to cut themselves off from their bodies to avoid their pain. When feelings like anger, grief, sadness, and hatred are not expressed, they get stuck in the body, blocking our ability to really know ourselves and narrow down our sense of what is possible.

Sessions take place at my healing studio in North Seattle in person or remotely via Skype, or by phone.

Get Unstuck

As an intuitive, I am able to sense what is at the root of your suffering. A trauma may need to come to the surface, a past life cleansed, a limiting belief expunged, a lie revealed, or maybe something long forgotten needs to be remembered and felt. Together, we open up the source of your stuckness to release negativity and trapped emotions revitalizing your life force and bringing forth a deeper grounded sense of calm, purpose and love.

At every step, I ask your permission. I partner with you. I am not leading; I am following you, tracking your body, energy, and highest intention.

Direction and healing come by connecting with your highest self and guides. Through movement long-standing blocks to thriving are released. And mastery over habitual patterns is gained by learning to direct the energy field into super states of well being.

I call what I do: Psychic Embodiment Healing. I use my gift as a psychic to spot what is in your way. You are finally able to address what has kept you stuck and you embody and awaken into greater well being.  To learn more about the modalities that inform Psychic Embodiment Healing, click here.

Welcome to You

It's Worth the Journey

This work is especially profound for those seeking core changes in the way they perceive life, others, and themselves. Whether you leave the session feeling peaceful and relaxed, or excited and energized, you will touch into a deeper, more embodied place.

Free Consultation

Before setting up a session, I offer an initial 15 min free consultation by phone. During that conversation, we can discuss your intention and if working together may be beneficial.  Please call 206-335-1180 Monday through Friday 8am-12pm Pacific.

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Colby gives me the deepest access to myself. You could say that one of the channels is energetic, but his art/gift is given on many levels, even cellular, to have me ground myself, trust myself, & look from a true/pure space. It is worth every bit of the ride.

Denise Spatafora

Author of Childbirth Without Fear
New York, NY