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Healing into well-being happens in a remarkably simple, yet profound manner.  I help you reconnect to the truth -- the truth of who you are. You wake to your divinity while embracing your humanity.  As a result you become more fully alive.

As an intuitive, I see what is in your blind spot -- that is keeping you stuck, limited and separate from the fullness of you.  Limited thoughts are replaced by resourceful thinking.  Illness, discomfort and emotional dysfunction fall away and you are left knowing, and moving towards, the highest vision of yourself and your life.  

Ready!  Set!  Go!

There is no magic pill to transform consciousness, there is only willingness, softness and skill. What I do is not a miracle, but at times it is miraculous. 

Whatever your intention, whether it is to heal your broken toe or broken heart, I partner with you to gently move your awareness into your body. Your body contains all your history, lessons and karma.  A trauma may need to come to the surface, a past life cleansed, a limiting belief expunged, a lie revealed, or maybe something long-forgotten needs to be remembered and felt. 

At every step, I ask your permission.  I am not leading.  I am following you, tracking your body, energy, and highest intention.  You open your system slowly, with compassion and patience. I do not heal you.  Rather, the healing comes from your willingness to be with you.  You finally stop denying what and who you are -- divine and human.

This is not to say that people do not heal from traditional therapies.  They can.  But the process I have adopted uses something else.  I use my gift to help you uncover your true nature and that changes everything.

I like to work with people regularly -- once a week, once a month or once a quarter in 50 minute sessions. 

Colby Wilk offers intuitive psychic sessions to increase health and wellbeing in this collage
Take a journey to your divinity with Colby Wilk through this cave

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I offer an initial 15 min FREE Discovery Consultation to explore if working together may be beneficial. 

Monday through Friday from 9am to 12pm Pacific you are welcome to call 206-335-1180.

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