Colby Wilk intuitive, psychic, faith and theta healer offers workshops and classes to help wake you to your own divinity


Embrace your dual nature -- human and divine.  Well-being is delivered to you when you connect to the truth of your being.  Change what seems unchangeable. Heal what seems unhealable.  Replace unhappiness and struggle with peace, awe and wonder.  Return to your natural state -- joy.  Enlightenment is an inside job.  Come home to you.

When someone asks me how to assess a healer's offerings, I suggest that they first answer these questions:

  • Is the person competent, experienced, and well-trained?
  • Are they versed in your particular challenge?
  • Do you actually like the person?  Liking someone indicates your energy fields are in resonance which can help you to open and allow real change to occur.

Each session is 50 minutes. That said, I am so committed to making it possible for each person to receive that which is needed in the moment, more or less time may be required to complete the work. Therefore, occasionally I run late for the next appointment. I will do my best to give you a heads-up.  In some cases, this may not be possible. Please be patient, as I am committed to being present with each person and with their process.

NOTE: If we are meeting by phone or Zoom please leave a text message.  I am seldom more than five minutes behind schedule.

First, I do not heal you.  The healing come from your willingness to be with yourself. 

How much of you can allow? 

Each person’s unfolding into their true nature is unique and precious.

Some clients have a miraculous awakening in the first session.  Others take longer. And some clients do not heal with me.

I suggest starting with one session.  This way you can get to know me and the work I do to determine if you want me to walk alongside you on your journey to greater wellness.

I like working with people who want to upgrade their relationship with life, and with themselves.  These folks are ready to open themselves to their natural state -- well-being.  They want to move into greater wonder, awe and satisfaction with life. They are ready to change themselves. 

I do not enjoy working with those who want a psychic reading to answer their life questions.   Rather, I want to use my skills to assist people in changing their perspective.  In most cases this is cause of symptoms, circumstances and suffering.

My clients see me regularly -- once a week, once a month, twice a month, or once a season.  This allows me to track clients' life themes, perennial challenges and triggers.  This way, I can be a more helpful guide.

I help you be with you. How willing are you to face off with yourself, be with what has not been faced, allowed, or embraced?  I am here to be both witness and guide as you come into dialogue with your innate wisdom, with your divinity.  And, yes, most likely you will change, feel lighter, open up, be more available to yourself and others. That said, I make no guarantees.

A session does not need to take place in the same physical location. Your session can take place by phone, Zoom, or face-to-face, because what occurs is outside time and space.

I love working with people who are ready to be more in love with life -- as it is.  People who are ready to flourish and grow.  People who are in awe of the Universe, themselves, and all beings.