Consciousness is Cause

Along with other factors like Karma, your consciousness plays a role in how you experience the world. We seek to make what is unconscious conscious. Through a variety of techniques what is hidden comes to light and frees you.

I saw Colby and my client load went up threefold in one week.

Karen Abrams

Singer and Energy Healer
Los Angeles, CA

Change Yourself and Life Changes

We look at where you may have left parts of yourself behind, this life or another. For some, it was when they were abused, dying unexpectedly or had a monumental loss that did not get dealt with. The list of causes is long and can occur in this life or another.  You may need to grieve, express anger, allow yourself to be sad to claim your power.

Others have fallen into bad habits assuming the worst after years of hardship and suffering. These folks learn energetic practices that helps them to reshape their own consciousness to learning to operate their "psychic anatomy" . They learn how they can be more centered, balanced and grounded even in front of their mother in law, their boss or their X.

My business was not moving, no clients on the calendars, we didn’t even have repeat customers. It was really scary because we had just moved into a new location. After seeing Colby in just one session, the very next day I had 2 new clients and we’ve been busy for weeks afterward!!! Thank you so much, Colby, for cleaning my space allowing for that flow of abundance. You totally rock!

Lita Israel Chung

Pharmacist and Weight Loss Consultation
Seattle, WA