About Colby


Hi, I am Colby

Welcome to Awaken into Embodiment with Colby Wilk.  As an Intuitive, Psychic, Embodiment and Theta Healer, I partner with you on the journey to connect more fully into your body and uncover the truth of who you really are. I utilize highly developed intuitive skills to help you identify hidden obstacles that cause you to feel stuck, sad, depressed, and without purpose.

I can perceive what is in your blind spot.  I see past the surface and into what is hidden, long forgotten, and currently doing you damage. With this gift, I help you to bring into consciousness what has been suppressed, giving you the opportunity to finally process what has been left behind, abandoned, and undealt with.

With compassion and humor, I partner with you to help you take the heroic journey into your body.

My Journey

Born with learning disabilities and raised in a tense, tumultuous family, it’s no wonder I pursued so many healing modalities to “fix” myself. I wanted enlightenment in this lifetime. Finally, I fried my nervous system, stretching it to the point of collapse. It wasn’t pretty. You can read more about my story here.

Only then did I realize that many of these alternative healing modalities were leading me to spend significant time outside of my body, and not attending to the feelings buried deep inside. In truth, embodiment was needed for me to embrace myself, the Earth, the Everything.

I learned that embodiment was the key to healing and awakening. My life has become the journey of my awakening, leading me along this profound path of embodiment, and to you. To learn more about embodiment click here

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, I work with clients in person and around the world via Skype and telephone.