Healing Depression

healing depression

Healing From Depression

Some come to me with the official diagnoses of depression while others feel helpful to shift a baffled a negative, pessimistic outlook. People with depression report being “sad, without a reason” and being in a “rough patch that will not seem to end”. Unlike sadness, depression is not about a situation or circumstance. Depression is a person’s outlook on life.

Healing From Depression

Many people who are depressed have tried many therapies, seen countless doctors, and tried supplements with some or little result. Many have been blamed for their own condition and so have learned to hide their malaise and isolation from family and friends. A depressed person can be confused about what to do next and are afraid to tell people about their depression for fear of judgment.

The cause of a person’s depression can be as unique as the person, but depression has several components:

1. Mental - the way someone thinks and therefore perceives their circumstances.

2. Energetic - how a person’s field is set up to receive, hold and disperse energy.

3. Physical - neurotransmitter cells in the body are set up to receive, hold and share information with the rest of the body. Also, the way a person hold's there body impacts their mood.

4. Behavoral- the repeated patterns that a person engages in that initiates and maintains a poor mood.

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There was quite a shift after our session. There is a new person walking around in my body. My mind is not consumed with worries, instead, I am able to put my attention on what I would like to happen. I am back in the space I used to be in where I was able to watch life unfold intentionally.

Julia Hill

Office Manger
Seattle, WA
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Shift Out of Depression

An overload of feelings not felt can clog  the system making it difficult for the system to make sense of information and stimulus. Unfelt grief, rage, and negativity can overload the system. At the time, it may have been unacceptable to express ourselves, but now we must give ourselves  permission to feel so we may heal.

Releasing these trapped emotions through expressive movement and breath can unlock trapped energy that causes the life force to be blocked.  When released we gain greater access to wellness.

Self-destructive beliefs need to uprooted, examined and released. “I am not worthwhile”, “Life is empty and meaningless” and “I don't’ belong here” are examples of common beliefs that are common with depression. When energetically released a person can almost immediately come out of a dark place.

For the past 25 years, I have been struggling with anxiety, depression and chronic pain. Overwhelmed by the severity of my struggles I sought help from various physicians, therapists, and ecclesiastical advisors. While some of my symptoms were managed for a time under their care, I still struggled. In my work with Colby, I came to experience my spirit healing my body and mind. A remarkable transformation has occurred. For the first time in my life, I have hope. I have become acquainted with the beauty that is my higher self. The holes in my soul caused by tragedy and grief have been healed. I am overflowing with love and strength.

Travis Jeremy

Project Manger
Seattle, WA