awaken to embodiment workshops with colby wilk

A waken and Embody

Many of us are beginning to realize that our paradigm is the source of our inner conflict, turmoil, and suffering, rather than our circumstances. Workshops will introduce you to highly effective ways to stay centered in your body and in the face of everything that arises. You will move from a hopeful belief in the Divine to a knowing that the Divine resides within.

What-is-Embodiement Panel

Shift Your Thinking Without Thinking

Sept 13 7-8:30pm
East West Books, Seattle, WA

Learn how to sense and direct your psychic anatomy to instantly upgrade your thinking, mood and circumstances. You know that it is important to think positive, but sometimes you cannot shift your thinking.  Your mind focuses on the negative, impacting your mood, actions and your ability to manifest.  In this highly interactive workshop, with Colby Wilk, Psychic Embodiment Healer and former negative thinker, learn how to shift your thinking instantly by using your energetic field to raise your consciousness.

healing phobia

Self Mastery for Lazy People

Sept 14 10:30-1:30pm
East West Books, Seattle, WA

Transform procrastination into consistent, goal oriented action by discovering self discipline that is connecting and fed by your divinity.  Do you know what you “should” be doing, but can’t get yourself to take consistent action? Maybe you want to eat better, exercise daily, do consistent spiritual practice or finally sit down and write that book? You judge your lack of focus, the cost of procrastinating never feeling satisfied with the actions you do take. In this highly interactive workshop with former lazy person and Psychic Embodiment Healer, Colby Wilk compassionately explore your inner landscape. Meet and transform your inner saboteur. Discover self disciple that is fed by the Divine. Know yourself as someone who fabulously follows through on what you promise yourself. Learn 6 energetic practices to bring yourself into goal oriented action even when you are not in the mood.


Date: TBA 11 AM – 6 PM
North Seattle

Participants of Mentoring for Healers walk away with practical, powerful tools to create more immediate, permanent change. Regardless of the type of healing you do, you will receive specific guidance to amplify your impact as a healer. You will be steered to open your awareness so that you connect more deeply into your own healing essence. As a result, your healing work will generate more immediate, permanent change.

Regardless of the type of energy healing you work with or if you use a more traditional form/s of healing (chiropractic, nursing, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc), you will be guided to open your awareness to the subtle realms.

Return to Your Essence

Love Your Way Free

Date: TBA 6pm-9pm
Seattle WA

Witness your outlook, mood and stuck circumstances improve by accessing the universal energy and fabric of the universe: love. There are some problems that can not seem to be overcome. They are perennial; they disappear only to return again. For some, it is the challenge of financial prosperity, lack of companionship, unclear life purpose, poor health. In this highly interactive workshop you’ll open to allow a greater flow of love and discover a new sense of freedom. Receive 5 energetic practices and discover spacious, ground and boundaries where their was only suffering, fatigue and anxiety. Love your way free!