Collage of Colby Wilk assisting cleints to find their power through intuitive psychic spiritual faith healing

Destination You!

Many of us are beginning to realize that our paradigm is the source of our inner conflict, turmoil, and suffering, rather than our circumstances. Workshops will introduce you to highly effective ways to stay centered in your body and in the face of everything that arises. You will move from a hopeful belief in the Divine to a knowing that the Divine resides within.

600X 603 Core spiritual-healing

April 13 2024 6-7:30pm
Online and In Person at East West Books & Gifts, 110 3rd Ave N, Edmonds, WA 98020

What is your Soul trying to tell you? Unsure you pray, meditate and read spiritual books. Alas, true satisfaction and connection still seems to elude you.

In this highly interactive workshop with Colby Wilk, Spiritual Teacher, Guide and Mentor, encounter the warmth, peace and love of your Soul Body. Receive activations, downloads and meditations to assist you encounter the truth of you. Learn how to translate the circumstances of your life into guidance. Access the power, stillness and clarity your Soul has to offer.

Find your Find your inner spark through intuitive, psychic, theta healing with Colby Wilk

Feb 4 2024 2-4pm PST
Vision Qwest Books, Everette, WA

Bring yourself quickly into a state of love by learning to direct your energy field.
How much you love yourself equates to health, prosperity and well being. You don't need to wait till you meet that special person or till you adopt a kitten or puppy to be in love.  You can bring yourself into the energy of love by directing your energetic field into a super state of well being.  In this highly interactive workshop learn to bring yourself into the wonderful energy of love in moments.  Witness your outlook, mood and circumstances improve by learning to access the universal energy and fabric of the universe: love.
Travel this boardwalk to find healing through psychic, spiritual, theta healing to find yourself

Monthly meetings via Zoom at 10am PST first Monday of the month

Learn how to sit deeper and deeper in the "Ocean" of well-being.  Through skill development meetings for professional healing practitioners and sessions, you will develop your healing skills, transform "your garbage"  into gold and sharpen your business savvy.  As a result, you become more centered in yourself, more of a contribution to others and generate more income.