awaken to embodiment workshops with colby wilk

A waken and Embody

Many of us are beginning to realize that our paradigm is the source of our inner conflict, turmoil, and suffering, rather than our circumstances. Workshops will introduce you to highly effective ways to stay centered in your body and in the face of everything that arises. You will move from a hopeful belief in the Divine to a knowing that the Divine resides within.

Return to Your Essence

Divine Hook Up!

March 21 7-8:30Pm
East West Books, Seattle WA

Connecting to the Divine is not the result of luck, but of knowing where to place your attention in your energy field. In this highly  interactive workshop, become aquatinted with how to direct your psychic anatomy into super states of well being.  Learn energetic practices to build your sense of grounded embodiment so you can expand your awareness into the here and now.  Regardless of your faith or experience silencing your mind, experience the profound connection to the Creator by learning to direct your psychic anatomy into grounded, embodied state.

What-is-Embodiement Panel

Divine Gifts: Get Yours!

March 23 10am-1pm
East West Books, Seattle, WA

In this highly interactive workshop meet and expand your Divine Gifts.  Whether it is the ability to give healings, receive information or communicate with higher beings, you will evolve your consciousness to help yourself and others make change.  Participants will receive specific, customized guidance how to open to Divine knowledge, information and healing that fits with their system. Receive 6 activations and 6 energetic practices that will assist you to connect more intimately with your Divine.


Date: TBA from 11 AM – 6 PM
North Seattle

Participants of Mentoring for Healers walk away with practical, powerful tools to create more immediate, permanent change. Regardless of the type of healing you do, you will receive specific guidance to amplify your impact as a healer. You will be steered to open your awareness so that you connect more deeply into your own healing essence. As a result, your healing work will generate more immediate, permanent change.

Regardless of the type of energy healing you work with or if you use a more traditional form/s of healing (chiropractic, nursing, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc), you will be guided to open your awareness to the subtle realms.



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Colby Wilk

North Seattle, WA USA