Enhancing Your Intuitive Psychic Gifts


Enhancing Your Intuitive “Gifts”

We are all born with intuitive “gifts”. Some are psychics, others are made to run healing energies, while others still are designed to gain information from higher planes.

Sometimes these “gifts” are readily accessible, so much so they can be overwhelming, while for others their gifts are dormant and require encouragement.

By receiving healing transmissions, relinquishing negative beliefs and being guided to access the energetic modality native your essence, you can become a powerful healer while building your own wellness.

Colby taught me how to access my own gifts as a healer. I had no idea I had a tool for healing that was native to me. He did not teach it to me—he released me to it. I have been using “my gift” and have been getting amazing results.

Alisa Syling

Coach and Healer
Seattle, WA

I experienced the Divine! Wow! I know how to access God.  Wow!

Jody Knighten

Massage Therapist
Seattle, WA

Thank you for guiding me  into our deepest connection.  You did it with pure love.

Stacy Witt

Energy Healer and Mom
Seattle, WA