Get Unstuck

Get Unstuck-

Get Unstuck

Many folks are dumbfounded, perplexed and frozen in their careers, relationships and in their connection with the Divine.

Due to trauma, in this life or another, a part of the person may have become disconnected. A sense of “not being complete” may be evidence of the loss. Creating an energetic matrix and calling back this part and integrating it within the client may assist a person to gain a sense of being more whole and grounded.

Or, clearing “stuckness” may be about teaching a person on a cellular and energetic level that it is safe to have what you want. That it is not bad, selfish, or wrong to get what you desire, that he/she is safe to be fully self-expressed.

I feel completely different after working with Colby. The old way of thinking about myself has completely disappeared. I have arrived at a whole new playing field. I have worked with many therapists over the years, never reaching the core of the issue. I use to give myself away to other people and put myself last. Not anymore! I have finally come home to myself. Finally.

Katherine Grace

Healer and Artist
Shreveport, LA

Are You Stuck?

In many cases energetic codes that children receive from their mothers’ and fathers’ that assist them to know they are loved, wanted and safe are missing. By transmitting these codes into a client’s field, a client can gain a sense of safety that has always seemed to be missing.

A person may have subconscious beliefs that cause them to believe that knowing what they want, going after it, and possessing it may expose them to danger, death, and pain. By clearing these beliefs and replacing them with more resourceful beliefs, a client can rediscover themselves and regain their passion and motivation for living a more fulfilling life.

People who are experiencing ”stuckness” may need help getting their consciousness back in their bodies’ so they can feel their feelings. Due to trauma or neglect, they have learned to live outside of their bodies’ keeping their attention above their heads so they can sense potential threats. These people lack a sense of presence since their attention lives outside their bodies. The unexpressed feelings cause blocks to the life force. Numbness, lack of self-knowing, awkward bursts of anger can be evidence of a system that is overfilled with unexpressed feelings.

getting unstuck
get unstuck

I finally feel safe. Finally can be in my body. I don’t expect or look for bad things. I am free!

Martin Casey

Denver, CO


Unfelt and unexpressed feelings of rage, grief, and shock can freeze the system in the past. The “stuckness” can be a sign that your body is frozen in time replaying the trauma in the background of your thoughts and feelings.

Through an intuitive process, you gently are guided to zero in on what you have forgotten and feel what you have suppressed in this life or another. The body releases stuck energy and your life force runs smoothly again. By processing the past you untangle from it. What was too scary at the time to feel and too daunting to express you are led compassionately to feel and let go of, finally.

Some know what they are refusing to feel.  Others, don't. Having an intuitive help you to see what is in your blind spot may make the difference.

I’ve been seeking wellness for a long time and I have tried many modalities, but could not overcome a sense of being unworthy, sad and helpless. I felt that I had failed and did not deserve another chance. I had a session with Colby, and in one hour, Colby accomplished more than I had in years. Sometimes we need help, and for me, Colby is the best, with his gentle humor, kindness, and compassion…an open conduit for Grace.

Joe Clevenger

Consultant and Musician
Arlington, WA