Colby Wilk intuitive, psychic, faith and theta healer works with man through to help wake him to well being through Core Energetics

Intuitive  Embodiment Healing

Guided to bring your attention back into your body, you rediscover parts of your self that have been denied.  You reconnect to the truth of you.  Enlightenment is an inside job. 



When you reconnect to the truth of you unproductive habits, beliefs and false stories can finally be released. 

Deep-seated challenges may be resolved through an energetic transmission from higher forms of consciousness. From a wider vantage point you can see a challenge for what it really is.

Specific physical movements may be used to release the body’s genius to transform long-standing blocks. The movements of hitting, grinding and kicking can release deep-seated trapped emotions and make room for an increased life force.

Through an intuitive process, you will speak into all of Creation to set new intentions with your helpers, guides and the Divine.

You will learn to be your own teacher and healer so you are independent of me.  Because the personality or ego can drive us back into negativity you’ll be given specific practices to redirect your energy field so you are more able to be your full self.

Puzzle pieces coming together is how Colby fused healing modalities together
600X 603 Core spiritual-healing

Benefits of Intuitive Embodiment Healing

More joy
 Embodied peace
Superior well being
✓ Deeper sense of being in the here and now
✓ Greater sense of purpose
 Increased life force
✓ Improved emotional stability
✓ Greater resiliency
Increased receptivity to love
 Greater ability to be intimate
 Increased presence
 Competency at shifting into higher states of well being
✓ A more positive, grounded and positive outlook

Colby Wilk intuitive, psychic, faith and theta healer offers workshops and classes to help wake you to your own divinity

Beware: I am not...

I am probably not what you would expect.  I am not New Age, have never ridden a skate board or worn my hair in a ponytail.  I worked as a mental health counselor and life coach.  Although I succeeded in helping clients improve their lives, I became interested in helping clients embrace their divinity and humanity to help them finally live well-being.

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