Warning: A Spiritual Life Can Make Your Life Worse

I meet with many people who tell me when they discovered Yoga, mediation and/or their spiritual practice life seemed to line up for them.  They had more patience and appreciation for life, themselves and others.

And then what many of them don’t tell you is that at one point all hell broke loose.  Circumstances changed, sometimes dramatically.  They were fired from a secure job, their health drops, their marriage ends, etc.

Why Is My Life Getting Worse?

During this phase, I sometimes get to witness these people in their process.  And repeatedly I find myself inviting these folks to let go.  Let go of who they knew themselves as.  They cry, carry on and refuse.  Claiming they would never have started this process if they had known it would make their life worse. They began the process to make things better as if trying to gain the Universe’s favor

To be spiritual, means to be in a constant process of letting go..letting go of attachment, to release your will and allow.  To invite God into your life is to ask him/her to assist you know love, truth and wisdom

Why engage in a process that can seem to make your life worse? Your called to.  It may not make sense, but those of us who are called know it.  The more we fight to deny our true longing the more we suffer.

How to Get Out of a Rut

When I finally let go, like my clients I released a false sense of myself.  I discovered the Universe really liked me. it was not against me.  It had listened to my wish to evolve.  The Universe was using everything to assist me to become who I had asked to be and that sometimes is both the carrot and the stick.

If you asked to evolve and now are in something terrible, consider the circumstances of your life have been customized by the larger you and are for you.  breath and now that even when it seems things are not working out for you.. there is something here for you.

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Blessings and Love,

Colby Wilk
Spiritual Energy, Embodiment and Theta Healer
Seattle WA

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