Love Yourself Into Love!

Feb 4 2-4pm PST
Vision Qwest Books
6915 Evergreen Way , Everette, WA 98203

Bring yourself quickly into a state of love by learning to direct your energy field. How much you love yourself equates to health, prosperity and well being. You don't need to wait till you meet that special person or till you adopt a kitten or puppy to be in love.  You can bring yourself into the energy of love by directing your energetic field into a super state of well being.  In this highly interactive workshop learn to bring yourself into the wonderful energy of love in moments.  Witness your outlook, mood and circumstances improve by learning to access the universal energy and fabric of the universe: love.
Colby customizes his workshops based on the needs of participants.  In past,  "Love Yourself Into Love" workshops, Colby has taught how to: 
  • Open and close your heart. Receive more love by learning to open your heart wider. Reduce moodiness, depression, and anxiety. 
  • Access your Sweet Spot: You’ll quiet down—and even silence—the negative voices in your head. 
  • Breath Long: You’ll learn how to use your breath to calm your system. As you become more peaceful, your energy system can ground, open, and allow more power to flow through it. 
  • Strengthen your 6th and 7th Chakras: When higher levels of your system are excessively open, you may experience anxiety, depression, brain fog and an inability to act in the moment
  • Surrender What You Desire, and Get More Love: You’ll experience the release that happens when you let go of what you think you want, and receive what you truly want: more love. As you release your agendas, you’ll find a new sense of well-being.
  • Hold the Same Vibration in Your Heart that God Does: You’ll learn to feel about yourself the way God feels about you. 
  • Open the Back of Your Heart Past The Keepers: You’ll open to receive more love despite past trauma and childhood programming. 
  • Allow Life to Love You: Let down your barriers and feel yourself open to trusting life to truly support you. You’ll feel the whole world become alive as you allow more love into your system.