Practitioner's Path

Travel this boardwalk to find healing through psychic, spiritual, theta healing to find yourself

Do you want to take your gifts, yourself and your business to the next level?

Through Practitioner's Path you learn how to sit deeper and deeper in the "Ocean" of well-being.  You will develop healing skills, transform "your garbage"  into gold and sharpen your business savvy.  As a result, you become more centered in yourself, more of a contribution to others and generate more income. Be aware all applicants must apply to ensure fit.

Introducing: Practitioner's Path

Refine and develop your intuitive gifts.

Safeguard your energy, health and well-being.

Raise your consciousness.

Grow your business as a healing practitioner.

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Why Now?

As someone who has learned a great deal while developing my gifts and business, I have special compassion for healing practitioners seeking to raise their own consciousness.  As you know, I was so eager to be  of service to others. At the same time, I so wanted to prove my value and make my practice successful that I harmed myself.  On my journey back to wellness, I learned to maintain and grow my well-being while creating a lucrative healing practice.

Practitioner's Path is not for everyone, but it is definitely for you if: 

  • You want to avoid hurting your physiology while assisting others to heal.
  • You want to maintain your own sense of well-being, even in face of clients' needs, suffering and pain.
  • You want to avoid getting involved with harmful forces so your wellness is more secure.
  • You want to grow your gift safely, at an optimal speed for your body, ego and Spirit.  
  • You want to avoid taking on others' symptoms and burdens so you maintain your own health.
  • You want to avoid overtaxing your system by building a business that keeps pace with your gift and Spirit.
  • You want to avoid isolation by participating in community with others like yourself who are on the leading edge of consciousness. 


If you are going to be on the leading edge of consciousness, it's best not to be alone.

Group Meetings for Professional Healing Practitioners

We will meet via Zoom on First Saturday of each month beginning December 5th 2020. Each session will be about 2-2.5 hours.

You will: 

  • Conduct practice sessions with "clients" and get real-time feedback.  You will become more centered, even in the face of the others' unrealistic expectations, needs and suffering. This means greater personnel stability.
  • Lead the group process by praying, calling in, closing, integrating, highlighting the container, etc.  You will enhance your confidence with energy.  This means you will grow your system's ability to manage powerful energies.
  • Learn how to work on yourself. You will become more of  "You."  You will go beyond how you have defined yourself and your world.  This means a more awakened perspective.
  • Get feedback on your work with clients. You will be become less triggered by, and judgmental of, yourself and others. This means you will be of greater service. 
  • Discern your projections from your perceptions.  You will heal deep-seated wounds and relinquish sabotaging narratives.  This means you will become a more confident and relaxed person and practitioner.
  • Grow your business as a healing practitioner by applying invocation, structures and time-tested processes. You will be supported to "step forward."  This means becoming the healing practitioner and the person you want to be. 
  • Be introduced to new, powerful healing practices.  You will increase your capacity as a healing practitioner.  This means having a feeling of living on"purpose" and in the "flow."



"I am a healing practitioner. That is who I am and who I want to be."

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One-On-One Mentoring

In your private, one-hour sessions, you can:

  • Release resistance toward becoming a powerful, successful healing practitioner.  You will release deeply-held trauma. This means you become more resilient and capable.
  • Further find, refine and grow your gifts.  You will optimize your energy field. This means being more aware of the interconnectivity that unites us. 
  • Show your healing work.  Demonstrate your work with clients and get specific guidance.  This means you become more effective and capable as a healing practitioner. 
  • Get coaching on your marketing and positioning.  You will learn to express what you do and how.  This means you will become a healing practitioner in demand.
  • Resolve long-term self destructive patterns.  You will observe how you misperceive reality based on long-forgotten narratives that continue to do you harm. This means you discover a new level of grounded, well-being.

    *Please be aware I will only watch people demonstrate their work with others inside of the Practitioner's Path or the Find, Develop and Profit programs.

Elements of Practitioner's Path

Group Meetings via Zoom on the First Saturday of each month beginning December 5, 2020.  Each meeting will be between 2-2.5 hours and starts at 10am PST.


Once-a-month sessions with Colby.


Access to a private Face book group.


One Group Meeting and One Session






6 Group Meetings and 6 Sessions.  That's a $2,310 Value!

Get 20% off when you buy 6 months.  That is a savings of $462!

$308 a month instead of $385


In 3 Easy Payments


With great power comes great responsibility