Within Every Question is an Assumption

In large respect you manifest from what you assume about life. If you assume people will like you they usually do.  If you assume you will be succesful you usually are. if you want to change your realty start looking at what you assume about life.

Conisder within any question is usually an assumption.  

People “What if..?” themsleves all day.  “What if i loose my job?”  “What if I am cheated on?”  “What if this does not work out?”  The result:  worry , agrivation and self doubt.  In the statement, “What if…” there is a subject ( what you are concerned about) acting on you the object( you)  There is little sense of controll in “What if…” 

Consider trading out “What if…?” and inserting “I wonder…?” Wonder has within it the quality of openness.  It is connected to awe, to spirit.  Within “I wonder” is a sense of, well, something larger, mysterious and awe at work behind the scenes

What can you choose to wonder about today?  Wonder can give you access to a larger vision of life and yourself

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle WA


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