Why Does My Life Not Seem To Change?

Sometimes nothing seems to be happening.  You pray, intend, meditate, practice gratitude and still your circumstances seem to stay the same.  

You watch as others get new jobs, open new business, move into bigger houses and find new lovers and partners.  Why does your life seem to stay the same while others seem to change?

I want you to understand that the Divine is always working.  We only seem to acknowledge God after a manifestation has occurred: after we have the new job, found the house of our dreams, met the new mate.

But God is always working behind the scenes.  It takes many little turns and twists to make your intentions manifest.  Think about something “good” that has happened to you.  Consider how many people were involved in the creation of that which occurred as a stroke of the Divine.

There is no overnight success.  There is no lightening bolt of change.  Things build over time and then in a moment they break through and shine.

Please be patient and kind with yourself and with life.  Life really is working for you! 

Colby Wilk, Spiritual, Theta and Energy Healer, Seattle WA

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