When Will I Get Better?

As an Intuitive, Energy, Spiritual Healer, this question is asked of me a lot… a real lot.

“When, will i get better?”  I understand peoples frustration.  Many are drawn to the work I get to do to resolve a circumstance, conflict or trauma.  But there is no “when”  from where I work.  

And  truth, your circumstance is really not of interest to me, it is your relationship with life that really has my attention.

i have found that once one thing is cleared and resolved, there is another right in its place to fill in the vacancy. You resolve your broken foot, and then your girlfriend leaves you, then that is resolved and your boss gives you a dirty look that unsettles you.  Solving once problem seems to pollinate the next challenge to flourish.  Why?  

There is only so good you can take it. It really is true: “It is always something.” 

I find it interesting to watch myself regarding concerns, it seems i worry as much about something large as something small.   

It is really up to you how your respond to life.  Life always hands you something.  

Colby Wilk
Spiritual, Energy, Intuitive Healer
Seattle, WA 

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