What do to do when nothing seems to be happing for you.

What do to do when nothing seems to be happing for you. Just cause nothing seems to be happening, does not mean that nothing is not happening.

We tend to only thank God when something new comes into our lives.  A new job, a new lover, etc.  But God is always working for us, even when we don’t see evidence of it. What do to do when nothing seems to be happing for you?

People forget that God is always working beyond the scene, using everything in life to move us towards our soul’s lesson.

We stall our progress when we doubt that nothing is happening in our lives.  Once doubt has a hold over us we go into grasping at things.  We promise ourselves we are going to pull ourselves out of our lives sucking and it will be different!  But when we go into action, we don’t go into it with a sense of confidence and inner direction.  Instead we go towards our desire with doubt and frustration.  We grasp after what we desire.  But when you know something is yours, you don’t reach for it, you allow it. What do to do when nothing seems to be happing for you.

It can really be challenging to allow life to come to you, especially if you have lots of struggle in your history.  For some of us going after our desires, from a place of “I probably will not get it” can almost seem hard wired.  Coupled, with this, the New Year is fast upon us.   For many, it is the time for New Year’s resolutions.  Many are getting themselves ready  to leap into the year with resolutions in an attempt to control their circumstances.  As many people know many times New Year’s resolution rarely work.  Why?  The truth is your life is a co-creation with your God.  You can set your goals to loose weight or make more money, but unless you include God in your plans, you are going to struggle.

First step is to know what is your intention.  What do you really want?  Maybe, more of a sens eof love, a career that is satisfying, etc

Then, get curious what is God’s desire for you?   What is God inviting me to do?

Then, get really quiet and ask: “God what is your desire for me?   Show me what direction is in keeping with my intention for… (whatever it is you desire: more love, money etc)”   Repeat, and keeping repeating and get even more curious.

Now, sit back and wait.   Keep asking God for assistance and clarity.  Now watch what opportunities are being presented to you.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual , Energy and Theta Healer, Seattle WA


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  1. Wade on March 17, 2021 at 12:41 pm

    This info is priceless. How can I find out more?

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