Wait for Inspiration to Avoid Drama

As an Intuitve Healer, I hear many people report that they are tired of waiting for something to happen.

They ask, “When will my life change?” “When will I receive inspiration?” “When will what is mine to do be made known?”

So often folks create more drama refusing to sit in the stillness long enough for their next action to be made clear.

Instead of waiting, these people they take an action hoping that by doing so some good can come from it.  But, unless you get that intuitive nudge, that sense that this is right, this is the right thing to do, this is my next move that action will take you further away from yourself and into drama. 

Think about it, the last unnecessary dramatic situation you where involved was due to taking action out of an unwillingness to be still.  Wasn’t it?

The sure fire way to know if you are off track is to to look at how much drama you have in your life.  Drama=Off Track

Colby Wilk
Intuitive, Theta, Energy, Spiritual Healer
Seattle, WA

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