Theta Healing and the Power of Witnessing

A big part of Theta Healing, one of the modalities I practice, is witnessing.  As the Theta Healer I watch the healing happen in order to facilitate it to occur.  

Thus, the gift I offer as a Theta Healer is my attention. If my attention is vital to a healing I am involved in then my attention must in some way facilitate healing energy.  

What does that mean about life?  Well, where you direct your attention energy follows.

Why would God set it up this way?  Why is my attention so important?  Maybe God likes to be observed and appreciated.  Maybe by having us be part of the healing process, he/she/it/ is letting is know we are part of the creation process.  Maybe God is showing us how it creates- through attention. Wow!

Where do you place your attention? Place your attention on what you wish to create to create what you intend, rather than allow your attention to drift into dark places and create what you do not desire.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirt, Seattle WA


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