When we participate with anything we tether to it.  Think of tethering as sending an umbilical cord to what you have  your attention on.  And just like an unbilical we absorb information and energy.  Its how we connect! Its how our system works.

Consider, when we watch a movie we tether.  When we hang with a friend we tether to that person.  When we go to a workshop we tether to it.  The more attention we give something, the stronger the tether and the more impact it has on our system and us on it.

This is why it is so important to manage what we put our attention on.  A lot of folks have spoken about the importance of hanging out with positive people, people who are affirming, who enjoy life.  We actually, energetically connect.  Consider what you are putting your attention on because you are connecting to it.  

Consider maybe you are being dragged down by the tethers that you are connecting to: old jobs, lovers, TV shows, movies.  If your feeling low, depressed, as if you don’t have enough breathing room it may be because you have tethered yourself to things that are literally pulling you down.

So, ask your system to untether from an X, an old job, a house you no longer live in.  Do it one at a time and keep your attention in your body when you do it.  Also, consider what you are putting your attention on. Maybe you want to stop watching that show about unethical people hurting each other?

Colby Wilk, Spiritual, Energy and Theta Healer

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