Stress and Spiritual Healing

Mental and emotional stress comes down to two things: “I should be doing more.” and, “I need to stop what is happening”  In short, stress is the result of making what is happening “wrong”.

Stress causes the majority of the physical and emotional challenges I see. Most people don’t know how stressed they are.  In fact when I look at a client’s field and I let them know they seem stressed many seem surprised. Once I work on them a bit, they relax and some say they can not remember feeling so good, so relaxed, so calm. I have heard, “I feel like me again!”

In a world, an economy and a culture that urges us to do more faster, we need to be the ones to monitor our input and our output. I am not saying you need to slow down, in fact you you can go as fast as you wish- just don’t make what you are doing, how fast or slow you are going or what others are doing “wrong”.  Making “wrong” makes you stress.  

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle WA

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