Spiritual Healing for Men

Men are trained in this culture to strive, plan and strive some more.

Appreciation, being grateful is not part of the curriculum of “Growing Up Male in America”. 

Men are wired to be about exploration, expansion and security.  These drives have little to do with slowing down and smelling the flowers.  Some men accept their wiring, while others do not.

Some men by into their training becoming alpha males or at least play by the rules of striving while other men are oppressed by the standards of maleness.  These men can’t seem to find their way to a new more balanced, resourceful paradigm and in turn seem to wither.  

My work with men seems to fall into two camps: getting a man to to really slow down and truly experience life, himself and others around them.  He gives up cultural, familial and personnel programs releasing ifetimes of tension unfolding into  balance.  

Other men open to their warrior.  Aggression that has been buried by years and sometimes lifetimes pours fourth reopening his true power as a male.  The force of energy moving through his body moves long held blocks and opens his innate male power restoring him to balance.  

I understand both these types of men since I am both.  Native Americans refer to gay people as two spirited since they understand both sides of a human being.  I am between the two worlds of masculine and feminine and am comfortable in each.  This is one of the reasons I think God made me gay and a healer.

Colby Wilk Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA


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