Spiritual and Theta Healing to Get Out of Emotional Pain

I have seen people get out of emotional pain as a Theta/Spiritual Healer.

Why are people in emotional pain? 

Some people can be in pain as a result of a trapped feeling.  By digging to the core of a challenge the feeling can be released and the client experience pain relief.  

Some people can be in pain as a result of a belief they have about life, others or themselves.  By shifting the client’s field to a more resourceful place the limiting belief can come full flush into the client’s field.  This makes the client more fully aware of the belief and more able to let it go and adopt more resourceful beliefs.  

Some clients can be in pain because of what they refuse to end or begin.  They know they should end a marriage, pursue a new career, etc.  but are to afraid.  By assisting a client to move forward and open a door or close one behind them pain can disappear and wellness appear

Some clients are in pain because they can associate pain as a means of moving through a transition. Transitions can be painless once we learn to let go and accept what is.  

And sometimes clients are in pain just because.  In a session with a client, sometimes, pain can not seem to be removed.  In these cases, as the  Healer I need to let go.  I need to let go of my attachment to causing a healing.  The client heals or does not. I remind myself: “Yes, I am the healer, but I am not doing the healing”. It is in this letting go that sometimes the miraculous occurs and pain releases.

Colby Wilk, Theta and Spiritual Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle, WA

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