Spiritual and Theta Healing and the Paranormal

As a Spiritual/Theta Healer I meet many people interested in the paranormal.  They want to astral travel, talk to the dead, move objects with their mind, know the future, etc.  While these experiences/skills can open people up to a new and improved relationship with themselves and life, they can at the same time be distractions.  

I have met some incredibly enlightened beings and for the most part they are unassuming–think, small Indian woman wrapped in a silk.  

If having super skills were equivalent to enlightenment than enlightened beings would show up more like super heroes: flying through the air, moving objects with their mind and bi-locating.

Don’t get me wrong astral travel, telekinesis, knowing the future and the like are very cool, but the only reason to get involved with them is to test what you think is true about how the universe works.  The experience of knowing the future of being conscious of leaving your body can open people to knowing in a very real way what you thought was real and solid is not that real.  

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle, WA

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