Loosing Love

Every conflict is about the fear of losing love.  Think about every time, anytime, anyone has lied, stolen or refused to come forward with the whole story their action was based in a fear of loosing love.

“If I say anything, they will hate me.” “If I don’t take this from the store, I will not be respected.” “If she finds out I cheated, she will kick me out, be homeless, destitute…no one will love me.”

The fear of loosing love is the basis of all conflict, all dissatisfaction.  You can not loose love.  You may think you can, but you are always loved by the Divine.

So, how do you keep in mind that you can not loose love.  Stop being in conditional relationship: “I will .. if you…”  Get in touch with the unconditional nature of love, by practicing being unconditional in your relationships. Today, choose to love the people you meet, no matter what they do, what they say, who they seem to be,  Practice unconditional love and you will learn love is without conditions

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Heal, Heal Through Spirit.com, Seattle WA

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