Its Time To Get Your Desire

How long have you been asking for that new partner, job, bike or puppy?  Have you waited long enough?  Are you ready to have your desire now?  

If you don’t have it maybe you are not ready.  In fact, the fact that it has not shown up is proof that you are not ready.

How do you get ready?

The universe is abundant.  There is life in every corner.  Look!  Life is everywhere: under every rock, every flower, behind the sink- there is life.  You can have it – just move what is in the way?

When you think of what you want is there a voice inside of you saying, that is not possible, that does not happen for anyone, you are to ugly/fat or poor to have that.  Get to work on getting that voice in line with what you want.  

Don’t tell it to F off.  Ask what is the purpose of that voice.  Is it trying to protect you?  is it trying to get you to avoid harm?  Reason with the voice assure it you can be save and have X.  In the event you can not reason with the voice learn to reframe it or ignore it all together and concentrate on how good you will feel with your desire when it arrives- because it is coming soon.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle WA

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