I Am a Spiritual Healer

“Huh?” “How does that work?”  I hear that a lot when I introduce myself at a party to people as a spiritual healer.

I repeat to them, “I am a spiritual healer.  I assist people to heal emotionally and physically through the energetic/spiritual body.”

In truth, I do not know how I do what I do.  How can I? It is not me doing the healing.  Those spiritual/energy healers who try to explain what they do are using words to explain something otherworldly and thus something that can not be explained through language.

Yes, I do have a system to the healing I get to do.

I am firmly grounded in the world of Theta Healing.  I sit in front of someone.  They have come to me with a concern. I pray and shift my brain waves.  I access higher realms and ask what the block or solution is that would allow the person in front of me greater freedom/success/prosperity. Sometimes a belief needs to be changed,  a feeling needs to expressed or downloaded, an energetic structures needs to be put back in alignment, etc.

What happens then I can not explain.  Energy moves.  I ask questions. I tell clients what I see.  Sometimes clients cry, sometimes they laugh, sometimes they see and experience other realities.  Sometimes there is a lot of white light that comes in the room and is so intense it feels wonderfully blinding.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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