How to Get into Action When the Universe is Giving You Zero

Many people are waiting for the confidence to move forward to make a move.  Whether, its to leave their husband, to buy a house, to change jobs, these folks are waiting for the Universe to give them a sign so they feel a real pull to do something.  And sometimes, the Universe does pull you dramatically in one direction or another.   It wakes you up in the middle of the night with an insight, you feel the presence of your guides routing for you to move in a direction or you see a giant billboard on the highway that speaks to the heart of your concern. How to get into action when the universe is giving you zero? 

But, many times, there are not these overt cues or signs.  They are more subtle.  You have a sense a feeling to move or not move.  But small cures scare us, we are afraid we will pay a huge price misinterpreting the sign and making a wrong move.  In frustration and with anxiety, we ask for a bigger sign over and over that is more overt. We ask the Universe, “Are you sure, you want me to X?”  We ask, we demand we want a more concrete message.. and then the  messages stop. We fold our hands in our laps and are to afraid to move and our lives maintain their lackluster glow. How to get into action when the universe is giving you zero

Much of what the Universe teaches is to have confidence in our relationship with it.  For the Universe to give you a concrete, “This way, to success and satisfaction!” is a contradiction. And the more still and quite we get the more we are able to hear and intuit our way through.

So, what do you do if your stalled.. your life does not seem to be moving, you are not getting any guidance?

Get out of Inaction. Take one  small step in any direction.  You don’t need to divorce your husband, but you could talk take off your gag and talk to your friend about your lack of satisfaction with your husband.  If you have been thinking about your job, you could put your resume together, talk to a friend in an are of interests, etc.  If you have been thinking about selling your home and moving to a warmer climate, buy a book on living the tropics.

The old phase an object in action tends to stay in action, comes to mind.  How to get into action when the universe is giving you zero

These suggestions may sound like small, obvious actions, but they equate to movement and will give your guides something to comment on.  If your not moving, it gives your guides very little to talk with you.  As you take the action, stay present to how it feels to move in this or that direction.

What smalls step can you take today that will move you in any direction?

Colby Wilk, Spiritual, Embodiment, Theta and Energy Healer, Seattle WA

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