How to Choose a Good Psychic? The Difference Between Bad, Good and Excellent Psychics

A lot of people go to psychics to determine what they should do: Should I buy this car or that? Is it best for me to take this job or wait for another?  Would it be in my highest to divorce my husband and look for another man? How to choose a good psychic?

All of these questions have the same fundamental flaw.  The questioner does not know their own knowing. He/she is not yet able to sense what is right for them to do.  In many ways bad psychics get others to depend on them instead of teaching clients and students how to access their own knowing

Good Psychics Help You Know Your Knowing
Years ago I was looking at property. Two houses come to mind now.  One was one the water, with stone floors and big open windows and tall ceilings.  It was breathtaking.  It felt good.  really good.   Another house was on a residential street, nothing terribly special about it.  It had a nice, yard, had lots of light and met my requirements.. It felt nice.. It felt right.   It landed with me.  It clicked with me.  It did not feel as good as the other, but it did feel right.  That is knowing. The feeling of something being right.

A good psychic helps you to find this sense of “right”.  Knowing what is true for you and helps moves you into a deeper relationship with this feeling so you can recognize it.   A bad psychic answers your questions about what you should and should not do..  A bad psychic but does not help you to know your knowing.  A bad psychic is motivated to get clients to become dependent, to book more sessions.  A good psychic is motivated to help move their clients deeper into heir own guidance.

How Do You Choose a Good Psychic?
How do you choose a good psychic? Consider when you are exploring hiring a psychic whether you are trying to gain an inside advantage. You can recognize yourself if you are trying to not loose.  As if you are at the race track and got an inside tip what horse is likely to win from a jockey. This is a very different motivation, than the desire to open your awareness to what you are here to to do, what the Universe is asking from you.  There is a vast difference between bad, good and excellent psychics.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual, Energy and Theta Healer, Seattle WA

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