Heal by Saying Nothing

You don’t  have to a come back.  You don’t have to assert your opinion, dominance or authority.  You simply don’t have to!  And nothing terrible will happen if you don’t.

In my younger years I was a doormat- a wimp.  I putt  up with others poor behavior with a smile and a sponge.   I grew out of my fake angel wings and swung into the other direction into more aggressive energy- asserting my dominance with my quick wit.  

There is a balance between being a doormat–swallowing your self esteem and being aggressive-making sure others know your not a push over by asserting your dominance.  

For those who are struggling with over dominance consider this: You can just be with what ever is happening.

What if instead of coming back with some witty remark you just stayed still and felt.  What if you asked yourself, “What is really going on here?” “Why do I need to do/say anything?”

In many cases by remarking you keep the energy moving in the direction it was already moving.  You are not clarifying yourself or your position you are peeing on a worn tree like many a male dog on a city street.

What if you said nothing next time  instead of remarking and trying to change others or their perceptions of you? What if you sat with what ever it is you did not like long enough for you to hear the truth of your being: You are whole, complete and untouchable by outside circumstances. You don’t have to protect anything since there is nothing to protect. 

Colby Wilk, Theta and Spirtual Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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