Don’t Bother to Try to Change Thinking

A lot of people are trying to change their thinking.. They try to reframe their thoughts to be more positive, affirming, and be less judgmental.

” I am so stupid!”  becomes, ” Wow, I am really challenged right now to keep my center.”  Changing your thinking to be more compassionate and loving does help to make you feel better, be more effective and probably more likeable, but it does not change the real problem…your listening to your thinking.  In fact, you make the mistake of believing your thinking.  Consider just cause you think it does not mean you should listen to your thought.

Consider, you are not having thoughts, in many ways your thoughts are having you.  They are marching you around, eating you and shitting you out.  Many try to manage their thoughts, but that is like chasing cats.  These people attempt to reframe their thoughts and can be spotted since they try to rephrase the thoughts of people around them.

Out of Thought

There is a place below thought.  A place where you are in the Presence of the truth of who you.  A place where you do not not need to police the goings and comings of what is going on in your head. Really?  Yup! There is!

This place below thought is like when you were little and sat on the bottom of a swimming pool and looked up towards the surface.  You saw inflatable pool toys bobbing on the surface.   These pool toys are like thoughts in your consciousness. Some thoughts gather together like pool toys attracted by static electricty while others are off on their own.

Through our work , you learn to sit calmly below the realm of thought and can enjoy the show of thoughts/ pool toys bob above you.   The first step is to consider taking the journey into embodiment.  By descending deeper into the body, you stop thinking and start feeling.  You are more protected by astral forces.  You are more peaceful, calm and therefore more available to your highest self.  To learn more about embodiment, click here: 

The place below thought is calm, connected.  It feels if anything, like home.I suggest you start with an intention to be directed to this place: The place below thought

Colby Wilk
Spiritual, Energy and Theta Healer, Seattle, WA

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