Get in the Moment through Your Age

I can become nervous in social situation where there seems to be something at stake. When in a social situation like a party where I could meet someone I can become unraveled. I loose fun, inspiring Colby and become serious, judgmental and hide. 

When people feel nervous in a social situation they feel as if they are backed into a corner even if they is no corner.  My monster whispers to me.  I become insecure and no longer act with the resources of my age.

As a healer when people get back into a corner I see their field loosing integrity.  There field flattens, spreads out- literally these people are “all over the place” because they are “all over the place”.

One thing that I know that has helped me to hold my filed  together in moments of nervousness is to remind myself of my age.  This does not limit me, but reminds me that I am an adult man.  I am not 5 or 12 years old.  I have seen a lot, done a lot and been through a lot.  I remind myself of my age and come out of my past and reenter the moment with the resource of a man my age.

Next time your feel back into a corner, remind yourslef of your age, “I am X years old.” Doing this can bring you into the moment and back into your body.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirt, Seattle WA


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