Does God Test?

When you truly desire something the Universe  sets it up for you.  When all parts of you are good with getting it it moves into your life quickly. However if there is a part of you that does not believe you can have, you deserve or of the like it may be delayed, deformed or not seem to enter your world at all.  

Clients sometimes come to see me to move what is in the way of the circumstances they desire. We dig out limiting secret beliefs, re-pattern their energy field and sometimes BOOM the thing shows up.  

After a session some of my clients report their circumstances begin to change.  The man who wants true love with a powerful woman who can not get a date begins to meet woman he can have sex with, but does not access are relationship material, the woman who wants to start her own business, gets a raise and now debates about staying in her lackluster job.  It seems these people are in on the threshold of having their dreams answered, but are being faced with a test.

We provide these test to ourselves to say, “Are you sure you believe in your dream/your self/ in your ability to have what you desire.”  When someone shifts enough to allow the actualization of a desire their vibration increases and their field  destabilizes allowing the new energy to come in.  In this powerful, but unstable place parts of you want you to return to your former low energy condition may feel called to attempt to return you to your former condition.  More enlightened parts of you want your trustiest desire while other parts of you want the safety dissatisfaction has provided.  This schism in your field produces a test. 

The long time former drug user has 3 months of clean living under his belt.  He has worked hard and wants financial freedom, partnership and community.  And then has a bad day and runs into old buddies who offer to get him high. He wants the relief of the drug, but……ummmmmmmm.   What does he do? Does he secure his higher higher vibration believing there is more to life than what has been and what seems is obvious in the moment?  Does he believe in what has yet to show up that he wants so deep?Does he hold unto hope, onto faith or does he allow his field to become corrupted with his self doubt and anger and return to his old condition?  Will he pass his test?  

Next time you are facing off with a decision, consider it is a test with consequences.  Are you going to sooth yourself and move forward into a higher vibration or return to your former condition?

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle WA

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