Creating through Intention

It all starts with intention.  The intention to feel well, be well, do well.  But so often, our intention is polluted with elements  to guard against something. This pollution impacts intention and takes your manifestation of-course from what you want to deliberately create.  

When a client comes to see me I ask them what there intention for the session is.  Some will tell me they want to bring into their field a long term relationship or a stable job.  These are not intentions that produce a result people are excited about.  Within wanting a long term relationship is the fear of rejection and loneliness. Within wanting a stable job is the fear of being fired. What of instead of wanting a long term relationship your intention be to be in love, to be absolutely in love with another that gets you, really gets you?  What if instead of wanting a stable job you intend a job your excited by, happy about, that pays you well.

I am not being picky about language.  Within the language of your intention can be found the hidden beliefs/fears that has kept what you want to not come to you.  

Look at your intention is there a fear hidden within it?  Sometimes choosing an intention that is absent of any fear can feel initially uncomfortable.  It is uncomfortable because your history has influenced what you know is possible.  Remember, you are trying to move beyond what your history has said is possible and create something completely new.  To create deliberately means you need to go beyond your history into the faith that you can have something complete new.

Set and intention now knowing that you can have anything.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle, WA


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