Certanty Vs Talent

I hear it all the time, “If I were better at X,  then… I would be more successful.” Its as if clients are saying if I were more talented or confident than success would be mine

The truth is certainty is more important than talent.

Think of the people you know who have made it or are “ahead” of you. Are they really better at their job than you?  The thing that separates good and excellent is certainty.  Some folks are certain of their success while others are hopeful they have talent and count on hard work to make  the difference.

Go into any keoroke bar and will find yourself scatching your head, thinking why doesn’t he/she have their own record contract?  Talent makes you good, certainty is unstopable

So how do you become certain of your success?  Get rid of beliefs, expectations and thoughts that life may not work out for you.  Theta Healing helps people revamp their expectations by assisting people to change core beliefs and the results can be breathtaking.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer
Seattle, WA

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