How Do You Know Your Own Knowing?

How do you know your own knowing?  How do you increase your intuitive powers?  How do you open to your intuitive gift?

There are a lot of people out there who want to feel more connected with their guides, angels or whatever. They want to know that what they are doing is the right path.  Some of these folks can not seem to make a decision without asking their friends their opinions or consulting a psychic for verification.

Buy what about knowing your own knowing?  Opening to your own gift?  Being your own psychic?

There is nothing wrong with consulting friends or a psychic occasionally, but when you can not feel your own guidance, consulting with others only furthers this challenge. These folks do not feel safe on this planet and in their bodies.  And as a result these folks have a challenge making decisions.  It is as if they refuse to venture out into life and make a choice.  And as a result their lives feel stagnant and unchangeable  They are looking to hedge their bets, and when they are not sure that the odds are in their favor they refuse to make a choice. They do not trust themselves and in return do not trust life to support them.

How do you know your own knowing?

When I work with these folks, I ask them to forget about outside guidance. I invite them to stop looking to signs, astrology and to stop talking to their friends about their decision making.

Knowing your own knowing is an inside job.  I invite clients and students to bring their attention into their own bodies  and feel their feelings.  Your body gives you lots of cues and information, but to hear them you need to be willing to get still and listen. For more information about how to increase your own knowing and open your intuition and healing gift  click here.

Lots of psychics and intuitive folks have the idea that they are spiritually evolved, but in truth, being psychic is a skill set that can be learned by learning to be still and listen.  Being psychic has as much to do with spiritual evolution as being good at football.  Both are a skill sets that can be learned.  It is true however, that some are more naturally gifted  at football/psychic work than others.

But here is something you can do right now that I  often have clients do to open them to their own knowing.  Set an intention to know your own knowing.  Get quiet and still and after a few moments say: “I choose to know my own knowing.. to know what is mine to do. I take my place in the Everything” Doing this says the Universe “I am ready to accept responsibility for myself; I am ready to be an adult with the rights and responsibilities that come with adulthood.”  Saying this and saying it again and again sends a message to the Universe that you are letting go of the Universe as something that needs to be managed and opens up the possibility of having a co-creative relationship with the Universe.

For more information about how to increase your own knowing and open to your intuition click here.

Colby Wilk, Spiritual, Theta and Energy Healer, Seattle, WA

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