Colby Wilk, intuitive healer

Hi, I am Colby!

Welcome to Heal through Spirit with Colby Wilk.  As an Intuitive, Guide and Teacher, I partner with you on the journey to become more fully alive.   I utilize highly developed intuitive skills to help you identify hidden obstacles that cause you to feel stuck, sad, depressed, and without purpose.  I see past the surface and into what is hidden, long-forgotten, and currently doing you damage.  With this gift, I help you to be with what you have left behind.  You emerge from suffering and enter into a sense of wellbeing. 

With compassion, humor and directness I partner with you to help you take the heroic journey to you. 

My journey

I was raised in a tumultuous family.  Diagnosed with severe learning disabilities as a child my self confidence took a hit.  As a teen, I struggling to accept my self as gay.  Lonely, anxious and depressed, I set off  to “fix” myself.  I prayed for purpose and meaning. 

I set my sights on enlightenment as a cure-all and as a consolation prize for low self worth, chronic health challenges and a lack of satisfaction.  I sat at the feet of many gurus, shamans and healers.  I went to therapy, did hours of spiritual practices, attended way too many workshops and listened to lots and lots of audio books. 

In an attempt to develop myself without accepting myself, I fried my nervous system, stretching it to the point of collapse. 

Slowly, I recovered, embracing my dual nature: human and divine.  I could be me and still be divine. I blossomed.  I woke to me.  Fully human.  Fully divine.  Fully Alive.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, I work with clients in-person and around-the-world via Zoom and telephone, helping folks to embrace their full selves.

If you would like to know more about my story, you can read more by clicking here.