Puzzle pieces come together to create healking methods


Intuitive Embodiment Healing is the healing modality that is the combination of my training and personal work. With well-developed intuition, I sense into what has been locked away that is at the root of your suffering. Some of the techniques of Intuitive Embodiment Healing are very physical while others evoke more subtle planes of consciousness.  To learn more about Intuitive Embodiment Healing click here.

Lynda Caesara’s Work

Lynda’s work is about helping people to form a working with relationship with the Multi-verse. Energetic principles and practices are taught to help harness the centering healing power of one’s own energy. Through ritual and ceremony, participants learn to access larger aspects of themselves. Lynda helps others to grow in their ability to allow for upgraded  frequencies while maintaining a sense of self.

Lynda-Caesara healing work
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Theta Healing is an intuitive healing technique that perceives the root of suffering is limiting beliefs or one’s inability to feel his/her/their feelings. Poor health, lack of prosperity and challenging relationships are examples of dysfunction that can be resolved by replacing beliefs. To learn more about Theta Healing click here.

In Core Energetics, physical movements such as hitting, kicking and gripping can allow trapped bundles of unfelt emotions to be released allowing childhood trauma to be resolved. Room is made for an expanded life force as unfelt emotions are acknowledged, accepted and allowed. To learn more about Core Energetics click here.

healing method core energetics
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Additional Healing Methods

In addition to the modalities mentioned above, Colby is well-versed in a multitude of spiritual, energetic, meditative, and body-based healing modalities. These include NLP, Hypnotherapy, Quantum Healing, Landmark Education, Vipassana, Pat Field's Work, and practices based on a lineage of ancient Tibetan Buddhism.

Colby has earned the title of ‘Healer.’ He blends modalities effortlessly to produce truly remarkable transformations. I always know that I am really ready for change and ready to access higher levels of truth when I make a choice to work with Colby. He gives me nothing more than his absolute presence and guides me on my path. He may not know where we are going to begin, but the flow and continuity of all tells such grace and purpose. Colby is a blessing to me and everyone who is fortunate enough to work with him. 

Maryann Munroe

Sumner, WA