Theta Healing

Wake up to a more prosperous way of being. Unlock what has kept you stuck by releasing limiting beliefs, trauma and unfelt emotions and rediscover your true power. Open to an even deeper connection with yourself, the Divine and others by finally unlocking what has kept you stuck, limited and disconnected.

What is Theta Healing?

Theta Healing, developed by Vianna Stibal, is an intuitive healing technique that perceives the root of suffering is limiting beliefs or one’s inability to feel his/her feelings. Poor health, lack of prosperity and challenging relationships are examples of dysfunction that can be resolved by releasing the trapped energy below a trauma by replacing beliefs.

Woman receiving theta healing with Colby Wilk Seattle
Balloon beingb held indicating the possibilities of Theta Healing

How it works

As a Theta Healing practitioner, I learned a very specific meditation to enter into a theta brainwave state. In this elevated state, answers to difficult questions can be found. Imagine being able to ask your Divine what is at the source of your pain, dysfunction, and suffering and getting an answer; this is the promise of Theta Healing.

Clients come to sessions with any intention to heal: a broken heart, a big toe, or to gain traction on a job search. Some want to better feel and/or hear their guides or angels, to find their soulmate, discover their purpose, etc.

Through a process of inquiry, muscle testing and unconditional love you can discover the limiting belief that is at the source of your suffering You may visit with your Higher Self, a Law, a Master, Angel or other Light Being for healing or information. There is healing available throughout the Universe. Regardless of what we do, I ask your permission at each step. Through energetic downloading the limiting belief is replaced with more resourceful beliefs and your wellness is restored.

Theta Healing feels...

Theta Healing feels light and transcendent for both practitioner and client. Many clients experience spiritual sensations, or what is often called “energy.” Some have full-blown experiences with their Divine or other elevated energies. They become aware of higher aspects of themselves and gain insights.  Some have large releases: crying and laughing while others feel very little. But all walk away moving towards the highest vision of themselves and life.

You learn how to work on yourself so you are not dependent on me. You become your own teacher and learn how to remove blocks that keep you from an affirming perspective of life and of yourself. You leave the session feeling peaceful and relaxed, or sometimes excited and energized, but you will always leave with a deeper sense of yourself

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What Theta Healing can do:

  • Resolve emotional blocks, historical patterns, trauma, and longstanding dilemmas.
  • Release long-held fear, anger, resentment, and physical ailments.
  • Free yourself from habits and addictions
  • Learn how to change how you feel in an instant.
  • Access your highest self and angels.
  • Learn a method to powerfully manifest your deepest desires.

Theta Healing is for people who:

  • Are looking to expand their intuition.
  • Are seeking a profound connection with the higher selves, guides, and the Creator.
  • Are seeking to maximize their emotional and physical wellness.
  • Are seeking skills to work on themselves to resolve emotional blocks and physical ailments.