Spiritual solutions through Core Energetics

Core Energetics

I completed more than 450 hours of Core Energetics training.  I was inspired to combine some of the theory and practices of Core Energetics with Spiritual Healing to create a new modality I call: Psychic Embodiment Healing.

How Core Energetics sees It

Many of us are realizing that true core change has eluded us. We may have improved our circumstances through cognitive therapy, workshops, past-life healing, and self-help books. But we are still the same person on the inside, the same small child that feels unsafe in the world. We may feel that at our core, we are somehow limited, bad, wrong, unwanted or not good enough.

Core Energetics invites us to look within the body and re-encounter all that has been hidden. Your answers have been inside you all along.


Overcome blocks to wellbeing through intuiitive pschic, theta and spiritual healing with Colby Wilk

Colby continues to provide me with opportunities to change my life. He challenges me to be honest & accountable, supports me with his insights and personal experience, & confronts me with compassion and understanding.

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The body is the door to awakening

Core Energetics suggests that within your body resides all that you are here to address: your feelings, life lessons, and karma. When you awaken into embodiment, you choose to honor that which you have forgotten and avoided. You stop grasping at answers outside of yourself. Instead, you descend into your body and rediscover your natural wellness.

So, how did I get like this?

When we are young, we instinctively follow our impulses. We cry when we are sad. We scream when we are angry. We giggle when we are happy.

But, some parents can be neglectful, not present to the child’s needs. Others are overprotective and may be more present to their own needs than their child’s. Still others are abusive and unskilled at managing their impulses. Their love seems conditional and if we are to survive we must stifle our natural expression and suppress our true feelings.

Instead of keeping our attention on ourselves, how we feel and what we want, we direct our attention onto our caretakers. We try to assess what will get us into their good graces and how to avoid their scorn, so we stop following our natural impulses. We may stop crying, stop reaching out for love, stop saying “No!” when something doesn’t feel good. We lose our contact with our bodies, its impulses and in turn lose contact with ourselves.

Our unexpressed feelings remain in the body and form bands of armor that helps to keep us from experiencing feelings that we access are unacceptable to the people around us. The armor protects us from feeling the full range of our feelings and in so doing keep us from knowing ourselves. As a result, we may not know how to best advocate for ourselves or what it is we truly want.

Kid building with big blocks
Row of masks used in Core Energetics

Survival at a cost

Unconsciously, each of us chooses to hide what seems like unacceptable feelings. Some people may become “super-independent” so as not to appear needy. Some may focus on being “helpful” with the hope that by meeting another’s needs their own needs will be met. Some may be “achievers” who seek someone else’s approval while losing contact with their own desires. Others may become an “entertainer,” providing a distraction from their own fear of fitting in. Such "masks" come to define us and provide us with a sense of security. But they also hide us from our true selves. The mask, which started out as a means to survive, becomes our own identity resulting in us being out of touch with our true feelings, and our true spiritual essence.

Express what you were not allowed

In Core Energetics physical movements such as hitting, kicking, gripping, etc., can help allow trapped bundles of unfelt emotions to be released and the original childhood trauma to be met, felt and resolved. Patterns of negative attitudes and self-destructive behaviors can dissolve as room is made for an expanded life force.

Young people splashing water on each row of masks used in Core Energetics
Colby Wilk intuitive, psychic, faith and theta healer offers workshops and classes to help wake you to your own divinity through Core Energetics

Psychic Embodiment Healing

Combining elements and the theory of Core Energetics with intuitive healing works in combination to create core foundational change.  Theta Healing and other intuitive techniques help to quickly "zero in" and spot what is in a person's  way.  Core Energetics provides physical practices that can open the body to release the blocked energy causing a person to perceive, feel and act in habitual unhealthy ways.

The combination of these healing modalities plus others informs what I call Psychic Embodiment Healing. It is a form of healing that works on multiple levels with multiple modalities to assist people to awaken into well being.