Why Am I Upset?

Life is moving along, the client has according to his/her own assessment a ‘good life’, but he/she can not shake off a feeling of discouragement. He/she says: “I don’t know why I am upset.”

Many times what is happening is the client has asked for, prayed for a more evolved relationship with life. And they are going to get it, but first…

He/she thought praying/ intending would make them happier, more satisfied, it will but first some garbage needs to be cleared out.

Why Am I Upset Over Nothing

“I don’t know why I am upset”, he/she says again.  It can be very confusing when your upset and you don’t know why something is cutting you so deeply.  I direct cleints to go to the heart of the feeling of distress.. to find it in their body, open their mind and listen.  I keep my attention on their alignment and my own.  A few minutes passes; many times the sensation of distress increases.  Tears may come, even screams of terror.   Sometimes it is a childhood trauma, a past life that did not go well, etc.

You may be upset and you don’t know why.  You may have buried hard feelings as a result of needing to just get by. You may have needed get through to survive and you did.  But now the Universe is asking for more from you and you may have enough ground under you to do the work you have been putting off.

Why Am I Upset All The Time

In order to evolve beyond where we are we must be with what we were never with.  What you have  abandoned, denied and neglected needs to be brought forward and unraveled.  If you do not bring forward what is triggering you, it will seem like you will  feel upset all the time.

It is be being with what we were not able to face that allows us to be more present in the Now.  But to go back, to when we did not have the tools, personnel sovereignty or support can be scary.  So many of us, need a caring unconditional presence to take the journey into the maze of their consciousness.  Maybe I can be that person for you?

Learn more about my work with helping with the issues around anxiety and depression.

Colby Wilk
Spiritual, Energy and Theta Healer
Seattle WA

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