Ascension Redemption Master Class

Has your pursuit of spirituality cost you your well being?

In a well meaning attempt to heal yourself and attain liberation you have overwhelmed your system.  Now, in many ways you are worse off than before you began your healing journey. Insomnia, isolation, oversensitivity, anxiety digestive issues plague a sense of well being. 

Regain well being

In the Mastery Class, deepen the work you initiated with the Ascension Redemption package.  Descending deeper into the body and reawaken well being. Address what has kept you stuck and limited by learning to  uncover what has been hidden and long forgotten. Implement a pace of spirituality that enhances your life. Discover yourself as calm, present and balanced.

Repair the damage you have done to your body by chasing after illumination.

Heal blocks to your energy that is causing awakening energy to work against you

Learn energetic practice that immediately reharmonize your system.

Be rewarded with better health by forming a healthier, cooperative relationship with your mind-body consciousness.

Calling Energy Junkies!

This Master Class is not for everyone, but is definitely for you if: 

  • You want to feel physically better than before you started your spiritual journey. 
  • You want to feel emotionally centered so you can navigate daily life while you raise your consciousness even higher.
  • You want to embody your spiritual growth so you can feel fully present with others.
  • Your want more consistent energy throughout the day instead of relying on caffeine, sugar and carbs. 
  • You want to feel empowered to get your physical and emotional needs met.
  • You want to attract and nurture a bigger network of support that truly values you.
  • You want to overcome insomnia, digestive issues, anxiety and headaches.
  • You want to feel connected to the Divine without relying on hallucinogens and other drugs.
  • You want to become less sensitive to the food, chemicals and the environment.

You will: 

  • Learn how to ascend spiritually at the right speed for your body.  You will become more durable and less sensitive to the energy of others.  This means you will be able to engage with the world more easily.
  • Release blocks to your evolution that have negatively impacted your health.  You will become more connected to your higher aspects. This means you will be living more authentically.
  • Attend to the damage your fast-paced ascension has caused your body.  You will become more healthy. This means you will be able to enjoy life more fully.
  • Form a cooperative. relationship with your body.  This will allow you to tune into your body’s own guidance system.  This means you will have greater control of your health.

Workshop One: Welcome to Ground

Enter into the container of the Master class designed to assist you learn on multiple levels at a speed that increases retention. Become acquainted with the Beings holding the class matrix and form your own personal relationship with them. Feel your body become more rested as your body fills with Beauty of ground.


Workshop Two: Enter Spaciousness 

Find the birthplace of well being.  Enter into peace. Notice your body begin to rest more deeply as you meet yourself.. maybe for the first time.  A new space opens as you move into a consciousness without limits.


Workshop Three: Meet Yourself

Although you have done a lot of work, unconsciousness blocks remain causing awakened energy to act as a pathogen in your system creating ill health.  Learn to meet yourself with compassion, diligence and commitment so you finally address what has kept you stuck and limited. 


Workshop Four: Re-Harmonize

You can not feel or act on the awakened energy if your system can not support it. In this session prioritize your health by balancing the amount of awakened energy in your system.  Come back to balance by making your body your priority. 


Workshop Five: Well Being Anytime, Anywhere

Learn practices to bring yourself into well being regardless of where you or who you're with.  Learn a simple daily practice developed for sensitives to grow their spirituality in pace with their body.  Learn how to work on yourself in the moment to keep your vibration high and your body harmonized.

Here's what you get!

5 On-line 1 Hour Live Workshops
Sept 27, Oct 4, 11, 18 and 25 at 10am PST/1pm EST (Value $1,050)

1 One On One Private Zoom or Phone Session with Colby (Value $175)

Ongoing support through the Ascension Redemption Facebook Group

All workshops will be on Zoom and will be recorded, so you can view at your leisure if you miss one. If you participate in the live calls, please be aware that some or all of the recording may be repurposed.


Space is limited so register to secure your space.

$1,225 Regularly

That's about 50% Off!