awaken from within

Find, Develop and Profit from Your Healing Gift

You’re a healer. You have something -- something no one has taught you-- but what is it?

You feel off path, you're sensitive, an intuitive.  Maybe you work to heal others and you feel unsatisfied with your career and life.

You wonder, "Is there a gift inside of me that if I could bring forward would make me more satisfied with life, more effective as a healer and generate more income? "

Hi, I'm Colby!

I help people shift their relationship with their lives and themselves by gaining a profound connection to themselves and to life. And not just for a moment, but in a profound, ongoing way. What I offer is not a miracle, although at times it is miraculous.


As an intuitive, I see what is in your blind spot that is keeping you stuck and limited. You gently open and rediscover your true divine nature by awaking from within.


Work directly with a spiritual healer, natural intuitive, and embodiment teacher Colby Wilk in a small group setting. Descend deeper into your body and experience the benefits of more presence, pleasure, and grounding.