Your Attention

Attention is everything.  Attention gives you your wellness, your health, your prosperity.

Recently I was introduced to some devices with amazing healing properties.  “This” I was told, “was the answer”. In truth it was powerful, but what I noticed is it worked much more effectively when the user held their attention on an object.   So many people run from the next best thing to the next better thing seeking answers in techniques and objects.  They are seeking wellness outside of themselves, trying not to pay attention to the very thing that can produce for them- their attention!

Consider that all of life is made from the fabric of the universe…love.  Everything, is made from love.  But, how was it made?  How did God take love and make eggplant, a planet, a dog?   He/she/it did it through attention. God created the universe, i believe from love using his/her/its attention.  And when they say we are made in God’s image, I believe they mean we have the same gift of attention that God does.  We can create our world the same way God created this world from our attention

So, my fiends what are you paying attention to? What world will you create for yourself?

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal through Spirit, Seattle WA

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