You Dont Want to Listen to Your Inner Voice

So many people say they want to hear their inner voice, but they don’t.. they really don’t. They say they can not hear their inner voice, but it is my experience, that they can hear they just don’t want to. To listen means to change in ways that may not be comfortable.

Many of my clients report that our work has assisted them to focus and allow their inner voice.  They report greater success getting quite and learning to hear that small, childlike voice. Some report starting a new business, a new exercise routine, a new way of eating as results of following their inner voice.

But what if you can not hear your inner voice?

Our inner voice can be covered over by our expectations of how life should be, how we think life should treat us.  It is covered over by our anger over opportunities we have missed out on what others have taken from us.

For instance, your inner voice may be leading you to a stress management routine: mediation, low impact yoga, etc , but all you want to do is work out hard: sweat, push, lift, etc.   Your inner voice knows you need to relax your nervous system if you are to regain your sense of wellbeing.  But your the habit of working out hard and the rewards of working out cause you to not listen: an endorphin rush, looking good and feeling attractive. And so you dont do your relaxing low impact yoga, you continue with your super hard, sweaty workouts and health continues to evade you, leaving you to ask yourself and medical providers, “How can I feel better?” 

Many believe their inner voice will tell them what they want to hear, but many times, it is not what you want to hear that your inner voice needs to say.  

Consider, you are not listening to your voice.  What has it been saying that you have refused to listen to?  What keeps presenting itself that you keep waving away?

Colby Wilk, Spiritual, Energy and Theta Healer, Seattle WA

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