You Can Not Raise Your Consciousness

In my line of work I meet a lot of people who are seeking to raise their consciousness/ vibration, to be beyond circumstances, to live as an accelerated version of themselves.  These folks read new age books, go to self development seminars and listen to countless telesummits.   They are well intentioned seeking to change how they perceive life so that they can truly live life.

But what many of these folks don’t understand is that in order to live life they must enter into the moment, to go below thought into Presence.  Many of these people want to find a way to make life more bearable by changing themselves and how they perceive.

But this is chasing, grabbing, grasping.  It is trickery of the ego to get you to go out an get a raised consciousness.  To get you to seek and hunt.

Raise Your Raise Your Consciousness is a False Direction

To truly live life is to learn to digest life. Think of it.. to digest life.  To eat it, process it and poop it out.. without apology, guilt, shame.  Its being able to accept what life offers, take it in fully, accept it, surrender to it, integrate it within you and finally to release what’s left.

One must surrender their consciousness, instead of chasing after a raised consciousness.  One must allow the moment.

Trying to raise your consciousness is a version of grasping, pleading, vigilance.  Many “raise your consciousness” advocates are really materialist, using the  spiritual world to manipulate the physical world.  This is not true spirituality. it is instead, greed in an attempt to increase ones comfort and access to resources.

Instead of trying to raise your consciousness, descend into the body and enter into deep, grounded peace. The body is the doorway into your spiritual awakening.  To learn more: click here.

I challenge you to today to sit for 20 minutes and just sit, just be, allow yourself to have thought, and at the

Colby Wilk
Spiritual, Energy, Embodiment and Theta Healer, Seattle WA

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