Why Are You Not Manifesting?

Many New Agers come to me as a spiritual healer with the attitude they can can change anything in their lives through being more aware of their thoughts: what they say, how they feel and what energy they put out. I so want this to be true: that by thinking differently and feeling differently you can get something different, better, more of a refection of your divine nature. And at the same time I know better.

Yup, this spiritual healer is going to break the Secret’s bubble

Yes, you do create your Universe though your energetic output and what you put out does create “your realty”. But consider that you are a VERY LARGE BEING.  There are aspects of you in other dimensions, time, planets that impact your life here and now. Now, a lot of this depends on how much “bleed through” there is and why there is a “bleed through”.

Consider that manifestation is a combination of: WILL (what you actually do in this time space realty), FEELING/THOUGHT( the energy you are in and putting out: your thoughts and feelings) and DESTINY (how the larger aspects of you configured you and for what purpose)

Most, either love when I talk about destiny or they hate it when I do. 

Lovers of destiny can get hung up on, “What God wants them to do with their lives..”  “What is my purpose…” “What is my lesson here.”  They are a child and their job is to please God who is a non-communicative parent. 

Haters of destiny, I call New Age Fundamentalist.  They refuse to accept their are things in their lives they can not control no matter how positive they think, visualize or how great they feel.  They refuse to embrace that in many respects they are helpless.  This refusal creates people who do not allow, in many respects “God to lead” and in turn these folks try every supplement, healer and web based magical medicine on the web

You can dramtically impact the manifestaions in your life through your emotions and thoughts and make room in yoru head that their are energies, consciouness larger then yours playing their role.

It is not all up to you.  There is a God, move over

Colby Wilk, Spiritual and Theta Healer, Heal Through Spirit, Seattle, WA

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  1. Sweet Sticky Rainbow on January 14, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    You have definitely given me some things to consider and reconsider.

    I also think that navel gazing is not sufficient. We must be out into the world. I think the frequency of the vibration is determined by the quantity and quality of personal interactions we engage in. In other words, for most people, most of the time, I think that contemplating the infinite void in the middle of nowhere will get you the infinite void–which is to say: Nothing. To get something the wave requires a medium. The medium is personal relationships with people.

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